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Live your unique moment at Shedeh

Discover how Shedeh can provide everything you need to make your event a unique moment, in the tranquility and intimacy of a space that captures the peace of the land, steeped in history, with excellent location and access, and framed by the warmth of those who proudly form part of this endearing project. Hosting your event in a Winery is something special.

History and Tradition

Shedeh is nestled within a space that was originally a farm, owned by one of the first Russian families to settle in the Guadalupe Valley over 100 years ago. We have preserved its roofs, walls, objects, and memories, honoring the past, the love for the land, and its produce.

We have spaces and objects that tell a story, which together create a unique atmosphere.


Shedeh Vinícola enjoys a privileged location on the main avenue, with paved access throughout the journey from Tecate or Ensenada. This convenient location allows for easy access, even for visitors arriving by bus, who can be dropped off right at the foot of the Winery.


Shedeh offers a variety of spaces that can be adapted to accommodate groups of all sizes, from small gatherings to large events.

Restaurant Hall

This space features both indoor and outdoor seating, with a maximum capacity of 20 people indoors and 30 outdoors (depending on the layout). Originally the patio between the original house and the barn, it preserves the original construction of the kitchen, with the walls and cistern that supplied the steam bath of the original inhabitants remaining in their original state. The space offers a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

Cellar and Winery

Housed in parts of the original farmhouse, our wines now rest in French and American oak barrels in the Winery's cellar. The tanks and finished product storage area are also located here. We have preserved the walls and parts of the original construction, respecting the memory and history they hold.

This magical space can accommodate up to 30 people, depending on the layout, who can comfortably enjoy this peaceful atmosphere.

Wine Room

Our Tasting Room is located in what was once one of the original barns. It has been carefully adapted to reflect our spirit and showcase what we are and what we do.

The Tasting Room can accommodate up to 20 people seated or many more standing. It is the perfect setting for unforgettable wine tastings and classes.